Fun Fact: LGA775 Processors Cling to 77 Percent Market Share



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I have been using a Pentium D 950 3.40 GHz on a non-PCI 2.0 mobo for about 4.5 years.  I have just been waiting (impaitently) for i7 mobo's with SATA II and USB 3.0.



My Q6600 @3.2 ghz is still working great. I see no reason to upgrade.



My main gaming rig is a 680i with a C2D 6600 @ 3.3 and a GTX 275. I figure this computer is good for another 2+ years before I upgrade. I figure I may be able to skip socket 1366 and 1166. If my computer dies for some reason though, there is no way I would build another computer on a 775 mobo. I would prob step up to an AM3.



I had that happen to me aswell.  My P5n-e sli board died on me, and so I decided it was a good time to step up to i7.

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Heres a weird one, i have never owned a socket775 in november 2008 right after i7s release i rebuilt all my  pcs,(upgraded a better word) so i have 3 desktops running core i7s but before that i had a pentium 4 socket 478, so i guess i dont fit into their figures



Heh, I just upgraded my Intel Extreme board to an NVIdia 790i Ultra so I could use DDR3 2000MHz RAM with my overclocked SLACR. Also, I'm sure there are people who like the cheap $40 dual core Pentiums.



Are these intel only numbers? I just bought a Phenom II and a gigabyte AM3 motherboard to match. Intel was slightly more pricey for its performance.



I think they are Intel-only. 

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It is always nice to upgrade but like David Gerrold indicated in his colum yesterday any upgrade needs to make a real discernalble difference.  I am still running an old Q6600 system and I don't feel the newer platforms will give me enough improvement to warrent the price.  For most things the 775 platform still preforms well enough at a much better price point and it has the advantage of being a mature platform meaning less problems and incompatabilities.


I am not supprised at all that it is still the leading seller.




I dunno, it may be very un-Maximum PC of me, but my E8400 does everything I need to do and is going on two years. Moving up requires replacing all the internals -- motherboard, RAM, and CPU, which is a really expensive propostion. It's just not worth it to me right now. I suspect many others feel the same. You get to a point where what you have is simply fast enough.

Now if I were a hardcore gamer the story would probably be different, but I'm not.



I feel the same way with my E8400. Is still fast enough to keep pace with most of my games and everyday tasks, and if it wasn't for dead mobo last week helping to fuel my un-neccesary want for an i7 i wouldn't be upgrading either.



God! if you are out there, please, save AMD so we can still buy latest intel chip with less than $300.

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