Fujitsu Releases Full-Color, Windows-Rocking eBook Reader



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For $400 I could just buy a new laptop.




Kindle's big draw is its easy content delivery system. Anyone who wants to challenge needs to be come up with cooler hardware, match the price, and also make buying books just as easy. Dumping DRM would also be nice.


Keith E. Whisman

An E-Book reader should never cost more than $300 dollars. Come on manufacturers if you want to make a really successful product that'll really sell great where everyone will own one is to make an Ebook reader that is feature rich and sell it at WalMart for under $300dollars. Hell it should be under $200 and in 5years I believe that if these things every really do take off they'll cost under $100dollars.



If they're gonna run the same redicelous DRM B.S. that kindle is using on this thing, then they can keep this peice of crap to themselves.
there is just no point in releasing something like this if its made overly difficult to use.  the company would be wasting money creating something that nobody is going to use.

Releasing it at a price point of around 1,000 US dollars also reeks of fail.  I'm seriously hoping that the price is drastically reduced soon or we will have yet another brilliant peice of technology rendered useless due to plain and simple greed.



Early adoption of new stuff is always super expensive.The price always goes down as more players get into the game, I think this is the first signs of more players, just give it time.  One day you will be able to pick up an e-book for under 200 bucks.

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