FTC Wins $163 Million Judgment Against 'Scareware' Scammer



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Some actual names of these bogus products and companies would have been nice.


Sir Hobbes3

I'm sorry, but how I never really saw how "convincing" these fake AV programs could be! I mean come on, take the last image fore example:

1.The user is running windows XP but it says "Win 8 Security System."
2.Most people actually know what AV program they have on their computer and when something like this pops up, its an automatic red flag.
3.They just have that "fake look" to them!



Really? Obviously what you are saying applies where savvy users are concerned but there are still large numbers of gullible users who fall for these types of scams more than once. I have had to bail out a lot of pelple who fell for them. Then there are the kids who are really clueless where COMPUTERS are concerned. They can text like there is no tomorrow, download scads of the latest music to their iPhones or Droids and kick butt in Halo but when it comes to being the slightest bit of tech savvy they are totally ignorant.

I speak from experience as a high school/middle school substitute teacher.



True. Both my gf and aunt got infected with these fake AV programs. 1 was just random and friggin annoying to get rid of. The 2nd was a mimic of Microsoft Security Essentials that strangely disabled MSE on both my gf's laptop and desktop -.-
This guy deserves a keyboard up his arse...



Why is this bitch not in prison? You could get a harsher punishment calling Justin Bieber a fag on facebook.



I got infected by something similar once years ago. It's very convincing and damned hard to get rid if. Boot up in safe mode and start peeling the crap out.



Fantastic! While this is far from being a severe enough penalty at least something was done. I have had to remove this type of malware from friends and family members computers on numerous occasions. It is extremely difficult to purge and it required three different tools the accomplish the task.



Fines will never deter this activity. Criminal prosecutions are necessary but first go after Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibanc, Bank Of America and the rating agencies.






Why the hell does the FTC get that money? Shouldn't it go to the people who were scammed? Or maybe the PC repair guys who spent hours trying to remove fake AV and fix corrupted Windows? The only people not affected by this scam gets all the money. Nice.

And now finally after many years they are finally doing something about telephone calls from PC scammers. Now I know why it has taken them so long to deal with this - the longer it goes on, the more money the FTC gets from fines. Now that's a good scam!



Speaking of phone call scams, I picked up the phone one day and was greeted by "someone from Microsoft" who was Indian (go figure) and told me that they had monitored my computer for a while and noticed that it had a trojan on it. They told me to go to some MS Web Security website (or whatever it was) and that's when I kinda just hung up. I did in fact run an MSE scan and it did find a couple things but nothing that bogged my computer down (both were Temp files anyways). Since they really never made an effort to call back, I'd figure it wasn't serious at all.



Had the same thing happen awhile back. Got a call about my "Windows computer". It turns out I had been running BSD for about 3 months (long story) and my hard drive with windows on it was about a foot away from my computer sitting in a box, but I decided to play along. I could see how someone could be conned into this if they didn't know much about computers. Very convincing sounding, but the fact that I was called in the first place makes it obvious it is a scan.



I made money off repairs for this type of malware. Well unless you are talking about big money the FTC wont get involved. I have always wondered the same thing.. why doesn't the consumer of the scam get damages, or maybe this would be a different law suit. I think for something like this there should be some prison time evolved.



These people are crooks. They should have their doors forcibly closed and be given a 10-year jail sentence (they would be out in less than 2, so that's not as harsh as it might sound).



Penterax. Obviously, you have not been to a Federal Prison. Once invited there, you have to do 85% of your sentence before even coming before the parole board. Plus, the Federal sentencing would have been higher than 10 years. More you steal, more you get.



Federal prison no longer has parole except for people orignally convicted in the 1980's. The sentences are in months, not years. So if she got 10 years it would be 120 months. For every 12 months you are sentenced to you do 10 months and have 2 months of good time. So if she was sentenced to 120 months she would actually do 100 months, which is 8 years and 4 months.

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