FTC Fines Google $22.5 Million for Feeding Tracking Cookies to Safari Users



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I really hate being on the foxnews.com page or a similar page and New Egg ads pop up trying to sell me stuff I searched for on that site like a month ago.



How is this a deterrent? This is a negligible amount to Google. This won't make Google or anyone else think twice about breaking the law. In fact, it may very well embolden those companies that know they can afford to pay such a paltry fine if they get caught violating users' privacy.

In short, in no way, shape, or form is this a victory for consumers.

If they had fined Google 100 million or 150 million then it might be approaching the level they would pay attention to and might serve as a deterrent to others, but as it stands, this "punishment" will mean nothing but business as usual to Google and others of their ilk.



22.5 million! That is more than a million per safari user.
Hey oh!



Serves em right.

I'm sick and tired of seeing ads for Amazon just because I was browsing their site for cameras

Granted I'm on a PC using Chrome but I'm glad Google got a kick in the teeth for this type of practice.



ads? what year is this?!?!?! I haven't seen one in 4 years!!! thank you waterfox + adp

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