FTC Expected to Begin Wide Antitrust Investigation of Google



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What about the trust of monopolistic companies working together to unilaterally punish end users for the accusation of file sharing?  Where are you there, FTC?!



This is kind of bullshit. It is their site and they are using their algorithm. The FTC needs to back the fuck off. They developed an algorithm that shows listings on their site of search results that they want you to see. There is no law that says they have to provide you with results to the entire internet. And besides the FTC should be more worried about net neutrality instead of this dumb shit because some sites aren't getting linked to as much because their content is subpar.



"Further, many worry that Google’s dominant position in advertising gives them too much control over a businesses success or failure."

I've witnessed this firsthand.  Our small internet marketing company has been hit hard by Google's algo changes including the latest Panda updates (2.0-2.2).  We've seen revenues drop by about 80% as a result. 



Baloney.  I don't even think it's fair to say Google has a monopoly.  Are they ubiquitous?  Sure, but they are not immune to competition and take no actions to block it.  They only even buy companies for their technology, not just because they are competition.  They aren't bullying anyone, it's just difficult to challenge such solid services.

It's not unfair for the FTC to investiage them, though, as long as they don't hinder their free-market access. That's what the FTC is supposed to do, and it's a side-effect of big success.



Two words, Witch Hunt. Just my opinion though.


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