FTC 1, Antivirus XP 0



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Oh yes, I remember once upon a time when I was a young lad, mistakenly installing WinAintispyware 2006. Luckily, I was able to remove it by uninstalling it and running a real antispyware program (Ad-Aware SE Personal) to get rid of the rest of it. Now I tell people:  "Antivirus software doesn't come to you, you have to go get it." 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



But sadly, there's plenty of people who don't know the difference, and pay for it. I've even had people break out into tears when they realize they paid for their actual problem.

 As for removing it, I've found that MalwareBytes does a darn good job at removing just about every trace of any of the titles I've run into. After that, use your favorite flavor of AntiSpyware to remove any lingering traces.



I get stuff like this at work on a regular basis.  The FTC and all them government people need to stop worrying about P2Ps and sharing music and start working on keeping people from being scammed by stuff like this.  At my work, MalwareBytes and SUPERAntispyware are what we use commonly to kill this stuff. SUPERAntispyware has a lot of repairs such as killing the unchangable desktop those rogues install.  We've found nothing more powerful than those two programs.  Doctor Web CureIt and LiveCD are needed for more heavier infections and those often end up being OS repaired or formatted.  My workplace is fighting the War on Zlob as best as we can.  We are even considering 'vaccinating' peoples machines with SpywareBlaster since it doesn't remove the entries it installs to protect when it is uninstalled.  I hope you guys out there are fighting the War on Zlob too.  ZLOB is going down!!!

Bill Gates: "What's that?"
Steve Jobs: "It's an iHouse."
Bill Gates: "But there's no Windows."
Steve Job: "EXACTLY!"




Protect your system whith the best antivirus.

This wasn't too hard to find either. So much for the injunction puting a pause to Antivirus XP. I know it is impossible for the browser to run a scan without a plugin, yet it goes on pretending to scan my computer without installing anything. I'm sure most computer users wouldn't understand that, and would download this nonsense anyway.


"As a bonus, its real-time Privacy Protection that keeps your private data."

They just dropped us the bomb. We get signal... EPIC FAIL. 



"Thanks," ZeroWing, for "inspiring" today's hackers?!? Seriously, Quintix256, thanks for the reference!


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



FFox blocked access to the site...EPIC WIN.


The Relic

I have had at least 3 computers come to me that had this garbage on them. I always recommend to my customers that 1. Stay away from questionable sites. 2. You already have a proper anti-virus or anti-spyware solutions on your system, and 3. If something hijacks your browser claiming that you have so-and-so, and download our solution, give your system the three-finger salute and shut down your browser IMMEDIATELY from the Task Manager. And run your anti-virus/anti-spyware as a precaution.

While I appreciate the people who bring me their rigs to fix or restore, I prefer that they apply a little preventative maintenence; people need their money in these tough economic times, and I'd rather they not have to end up in a soup kitchen because their significant other can't keep away from the pr0n and gambling sites.



I hate public PCs with those things on it, first it makes me nervous whenever I have to enter personl info and second, browser tabs open up on there own linking to crap like XP AV and if I don't close the tab before it loads odds are that it crashes the whole browser

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