FSF to Cisco: It's Time to get Sued!



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What you guys are saying about Cisco not being at fault is ridiculous. They BOUGHT Linksys, which means Cisco owns Linksys technology, which means that they inherited the issue...they may not have bought it, but because of the merger, they ARE at fault as a whole. In fact, this wasn't recent. This happened not long before the buyout...and it kept going after the merger. The merger was approximately 5-6 yrs ago!

To the person who thinks Cisco makes most of its money on certs...I don't think so.  Have you ever priced a Cisco PIX with maintenance support??  Big bucks.  I'm not kidding.  And that's not just PIX.  There's the ASA solution and the NIDS/HIDS hardware and software.  The software license alone is $$$ and you need that to get upgrades.  Trust me when I say that they are NOT making most of their money on training and certification.

The whole speel about being an engineer...I'm an engineer for a very large technology company...I've no college degree, but I can probably run circles around most degree holders. You can be an engineer and have the title WITHOUT a degree or a Cisco certification. Certs are junk...anyone who is good at passing tests can get them, just like anyone can get a degree and still be dumb. My 3rd grader spells better than most of my coworkers with degrees. Really.

Laws are laws. You can rarely claim ignorance and not get penalized. Cisco just needs to bend over and take it.



If I remember correctly, Cisco never really made it's money on hardware or even it's software, but all their money from giving out Cisco Certifications to all the Network "Engineers" out there.  (Just so you know, if you want to put "engineer" on your business card or title you must get your Professional Engineers liscense.  It's like saying you are a lawyer just b/c you have a law degree but never past your bar.  So be very very careful if you do decide to state you are Network "Engineer" instead of Network Technician.  If you do have an engineering degree doesn't mean you are an engineer.  It just means you have been trained to become an engineer.  You still need your PE.  Please go to http://www.NSPE.org for further details.)

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This is a rather sticky situation in that


  1. Cisco didn't violate the license, Linksys did prior to being consumed by Cisco
  2. There is no more Linksys to sue
  3. "All profits" is an exorbitant amount to ask for, but there's no reasonable way to determine how much is reasonable.

in credit to cisco, they now only market a small number of devices using Linux, namely the L serries (wrt54gL, etc..).  The rest of their devices now run the proprietary cisco ios or the vxworks embedded OS.  It's a nightmare for home users, but it does get them "off the hook" moving forward.  It doesn't excuse what Linksys did however.  Who should pay and how much is a decision for a judge (and jury?) to decide. 




Has everyone forget that this was originally a linksys product. Cisco bought linksys about around the same time the FSF stared looking into this. Secondly this issue will not bankrupt or put Cisco out of business we are talking about a home use router. I curious to see how it pans out.. I did not knwo that the OS in this router was a linux base.



Cisco gets its ass handed to it.



Finally someone is stepping up to the plate for open sorce. If RIAA etc can sue for copyright infringement, so can FSF and let the industry know that just because something is 'free for the public' doesn't mean that corporations can cheat the consumers!!!



wow...all profits..that gonna hurt but FSF is in the right



after being involved with cisco over the past two years i hope that they go out of business becuase of this lawsuit



Stalman is a douche, I hope he loses.



dude, stallman is a hero and a revolutionary fighting for YOUR rights.



Glad I run a Dlink

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