Fry’s Giving Away Software at its Windows 7 Midnight Release



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I decided a long time ago I would never support the marketing gimmick of Mail-in Rebates.  Everybody knows it's just a way for them to get more of your money than you planned on up front.  Then the onus is on YOU to wrest it back from their clutches.

On top of that, they hide all sorts of caveats and exceptions in the fine print so that if you don't send everything in just so, NO REBATE FOR YOU.  I've had experiences where I meticulously prepared all materials and they deny it anyway just because they never intended to honor it.

Good luck, people who take this gamble.



I'm installing ALL of these programs and am gonna run them all at the same time!  Screw Prime95 for benching my OC'd i7.  THIS IS THE NEW STANDARD. lololol j/ks of course, I wouldn't touch Norton with a 10-foot pole.



Do you read the magazine and/or website?  Norton 2009 was considered one of the best (if not THE best) boxed Antivirus apps this year.

Granted, there are multiple antivirus and Internet security apps in that list, though, which is pretty useless.



 Norton 2009 was considered one of the best (if not THE best) boxed Antivirus apps this year.




Norton = shit. 



Even if i had a Frys I wouldnt want any of that crap. period.



Only one of those i could use and that's norton but i still have a year left on my subscription to 2009. Downers Grove is only an hour and a half away, if i didn't have school tomorrow I would probably go down there.

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