Froyo Flies to HTC Droid Incredible Starting Today



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128bitworm this very moment on my HTC Legend. 66% done so far. 

Been hearing about this "Froyo" thingee for the last year now. Let's see if that it what I am downloading. 

75% done.

0106 complete. Hmmm...that was just the downloader. Phone just rebooted to update.

It is supposed to be a very large update, might eat my whole data plan for the month and more. Whatever!! Something is updating after MONTHS and MONTHS of waiting!!!

The update/download icon looks like "circling down the drain".

And yes! Finally updated and all. And it is Android Version 2.2! Months of waiting finally over!! :-)

Months of waiting for the next update starts NOW.



Well, thanks for getting my hopes up, and then killing them.



Nothing yet here in Phoenix.  Has anybody got this OTA update yet?


UPDATE!  The cake is a lie!

C'mon Verizon, how are you going to screw over the 3rd newest Android phone (probably the best one too) that you have right now?!



Bah, I wish. As of two hours ago, Verizon's official support Twitter account (@VZWSupport) had no information on when the OTA would be happening. 



The moto droid, you could download the update and hold X on the physical keyboard while booting to load the update.  What's the trick for the incredible?  And where do you get the update early?  It would seem to me that Verizon should distribute this update on their website to reduce the traffic on the 3G network, but they don't really care about limiting the load on the network do they?  They just want to bitch about it so they can charge more for it...



What is Froyo exactly (besides an Android OS)?



Frozen Yogurt, hence the picture. 



AH frozen yogurt. thanks

Yogurt! I hate togurt! Especially with Strawberries!! (kidding, I love the stuff)

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