Frictional Strikes Gold with Amnesia, Says Other Devs Should Focus on PC



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I bought this during the Steam holiday sale for $6.80.

Wow, is it ever scary. I was kind of shocked because the graphics didn't seem that great based on preview videos from youtube 720 P.

Was i ever wrong; the graphics are pretty damn decent but the sound is what will get you. Quoted from a user on metascore "If the sound / ambience in this game doesn't eat away at your soul, then you have no soul".

Thumbs up for a great game!





I loved this games.  It says a lot when a company can make a great game that made me wet myself on more than one occasion, yet do it without this overblown budget or at an overpriced cost.  I do think that these companies and other indie developers are where PC gaming is going and these overblown, big budget gaming that just recycle old material for sales are going the way of the dinosaur.  Don't get me wrong, I love games that push the graphical capabilities of PCs to their limit, but not at the sacrifice of a great story, atmosphere, or in the case of pretty much any EA, Activision, or Ubisoft game, price (really, $59 for a game, because your name is on it?  No thanks, us PC gamers aren't as naive as console gamers).  Anyways, this game reminds me of Penumbra, another outstanding game.  I look forward to see more from Frictional Interactive and other's in the future.


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