Fresh Setback for Samsung as Oz Court Bans Galaxy Tab 10.1



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Despite the loss of Steve Jobs, I must say this:

Fuck you Apple.



pride comes before a fall....

soon the half eaten fruit will be totally eaten and its rotten core disposed off!! when one goes around the world making enemies, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" shall be proven true and true.



They must feel this is the first real threat to them. At any rate, I'm sick of all of this, and ready to end patent law.



Normally, I would go onboard with you and say yes, at least in the USA. But what are you gonna do about all the other countries with even whackier patent laws than us?



I'm inclined to agree. 


Apple for some reason feels a need to put a leash on something that will probably not do a lot of harm to their business. The Xoom didn't review particularly well and doesn't have a wide fanbase made up of shallow people ecouraging all of their shallow friends to pick it up.


Aaaanyway: Apple needs to find some other job security for their lawyers. 



What they're worried about is what's already happening to their iPhone: IE, it is rappedly being overtaken by dozens of less expensive android, WP7, and other devices that are more open and flexible. While the big fruit may trumpet long and loud about having the most market share, the truth is, there are already more android devices out there than iOS devices. The only reason they say they have the market cornered is because they are the only ones who make iOS devices. It's like saying that that you sell the most Ford's cause only you build Fords.

And with a wave of Android tablets already waiting in the wings, and cheapo tablets already on the market in India and south east Asia, Apple is terrified of losing Tablet dominance like they're losing Phone dominance. People are starting to get tired of Apple's walled garden approach and cadilac pricing, and the sales numbers prove it.



I have to be honest: I wish Apple's law-dogs would just stop this crap. The Samsung is an iPad wannabe for sure, but it's really no more of a competitive threat than the Zune was to the iPod.

I don't know why they only bother Samsung. There is a dozen other tablets out there that are probably doing the "me-too" thing almost as well.

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