French Presidential Residence Found to Have Downloaded Illegal Torrents



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Someone obviously forgot using Bittorrent requires encrytion now-a-days...

A lot of ISP "threathens" to do something, but yet, they love the money they can get and would not like to apply and enforce the "laws".

Why bother, it is not like as if you can buy anything online with a reasonable price.

Like in asia, you are pretty much out of luck in buying the cream of gaming notebooks manufactured by Clevo (Even it "was" / "is" a Taiwan company)

Like in the US, you just simply cannot find a legal way to watch Japanese anime like they do provide FOR FREE in Japan.

Like in the UK, you simply just cannot buy high end computer parts without the super large price margin (try "major" computer stores, even without VAT, the price is still way higher than in US and or Canada).



Yo Bossun,

It's pretty much the same thing in Japan. Japan's anti-piracy laws are so friggin strict, it's ridiculous. It's as if it's a huge crime.



Is anyone really surprised?  He's one of the elite.  The laws he writes don't apply to him.  Laws are for little people to remind them they are little and disposable.  Just the same as Hollywood stars who get to turn themselves in for drug rehab when the rest of us would get sent to jail.

We are living in a Matrix world more than we realize.



Typo in the fifth line, should be


Markkus Rovito

Thank you, sir. Fixed it.

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