French Delivery Truck Carrying 6,000 Copies of MW3 Hijacked with Tear Gas



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h e x e n

I'm calling bullshit on this one. Did the hijackers drive black Honda Civics with green ground effects?

If it is legit, it's one of the most asinine things I think I've ever heard of. And living in this day and age, that's saying a lot. I mean, MW3? That's the part I don't buy. I could see if it was a decent title like Batman, Skyrim or BF3. But to risk it all for another reskin of CoD4?




I guess piracy on the console titles will look a little different from piracy on the PC.



I think you accidentally the title.


Peanut Fox

This sounds like a publicity stunt.  It's so over the top.  Were the games the only things in the truck, or was there anything else aboard?  



i believe you are correct. they have seen how well battlefield 3 has been doing and are getting nervous that their cash cow is running dry, so they had to fabricate a highly unlikely story that sounds like a mission from one of their games to try to draw attention away from battlefield



i guess video game leads to violence after all


TommM the hell you going to unload 6,000 copies of a game?  Put it on e-bay for the next 3 years?  I'm guessing the average age of the people conducting the heist is probably around 15 years old.  :p



Hopefully this means that online play in Battlefield 3 will improve a little since the kiddies will go to MW3 (most likely not going to happen, but I can dream).


Brad Nimbus

I can't believe this happens to a game with 5 hours of gameplay or so. I swear to god if this doesnt happen to Skyrim I'm losing faith in humanity.   JK

Seriously though how about you fill us in on the status of the truck drivers. DUH


* Sorry for that, didn't mean to seem like an arsehole. I didn't have to add in the "DUH" but I do think the welfare of the truck drivers was important to report*



Information is sketchy, but reading through translated reports (here and here), it appears the truck drivers were tear gassed after they stepped out to inspect the damage, at which point the robbers hopped in the truck and and drove away with the merchandise. Being out the open and with no mention of anyone being stabbed (the robbers were also wielding knives), it would appear the drivers were largely unharmed.


Brad Nimbus

Great thanks! :~)



Must have had:

Marathon Pro

Cold Blooded Pro

Ninja Pro

equipped to make this happen. 




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