Free Zune Apps Contain Static and Video Advertisements



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I actually wouldn't mind a free ad supported version for every app.  If the ads make these and future apps free, then I'm all for that option just as long as you have the ability to pay for no ads.



 I want one so much...  just 32 gigs is not going to cut it, my current collection of music videos and such puts me at 25gigs, going into it with only 7 gigs to spare just does not sit right with me.  Although I guess to keep the price reasonable they have to keep the storage low, I heard one cannot use a HDD with a touch screen so until those SSD come down I am left waiting, hoping, wishing, dreaming.. sigh


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is it compatible with my 120GB ZUNE (not HD one)? the zune software updated, and when i downloaded the calculator app, it didn't load it. i'm guessing its only for the HD ZUNE.



It says in a web banner like notification on the Zune Software that Apps are only for the Zune HD.



Here's my review for the Zune HD. Now I am a zune diehard, but you should find that I am quite fair in observations. 


Tl;dr: The Zune HD Is a really sexy, quick and delightful device with an excellent screen. The new Zune Software also got a number of major tweaks and is even sleeker than it was before but some things kind of could use a bit of time to beef up. Namely; more movies from more studios and more Apps. But what is great about the Zune is that it is never finished after launch. MS amazingly has stuck with their products to bring in new firmware updates and the Zune HD will learn quite a lot of new tricks as it matures. 

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