Free Antivirus Tools Command 42% Market Share



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Hello Pulkit,

I wanted to let you know that we are going to be releasing an updated version of the antivirus market share report soon. I could get you an advance copy if you have interest in writing any further content about this subject. Please contact me at or see for more details.

Thank you.
-Jeff Garon



And I haven't had any problems.



I like my Avast.



Especially when home users don't want to have to be for a subscription to an Anti-virus that fails to do it's job, and a freeware alternative out does it by leaps. If you're a home user, free anti-virus solutions is the way to go unless you have the notion that you get for what you pay for (which there is nothing wrong about that philosophy).

IMO, Microsoft Security Essentials is a great step above Windows Defender. I am quite impressed on how good of a job it does considering I've seen some pretty fail anti-virus solutions from Microsoft.


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.

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