Fractal Design's Core 3000 Case Looks Promising



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Here is a link to the fans that will be installed in the Fractal Core 3000

As for the case it self it reminds me of the Antec 400 but mixed with the corsair obsidian. 

Better quality features then the Antec but still probably at a reasonable price of less then $150. 

Fractal makes some nice stuff. 



Those case fans are like the fans I would by if I were building a system. Pending a full review of this case and price, I'm in for one.

Depending on the visability through the mesh and cleanable filters; it might be odd to have white case fans and white-painted hard drive trays glareing through the vents and offset the black externals of this unit. Still, it's better than LED lights and acrylic windows I suppose.

I have an odd 'need' for my computer cases to be able to be placed on their sides. They don't need the feet on the side, but it has to work in a way that won't interfere with anything on the motherboard side. I stopped mounting my cases as towers and stuck them into an audio rack.



So, this think looks like an Antec 300 but shorter. It had better have a price that follows that, because the Antec offering is already pretty inexpensive by today's case standards. I have built 3 systems in Antec 300 cases and have to say that they are great for the $50-$70 I paid for them.

Like someone else said, the problem is often the fans. If the fans are crap, I'll end up replacing them with quieter ones anyway, driving the cost to own the case up even higher.

Without a full review this product advertizement is mostly useless.



It would be nice if case manufactures would publish the decible levels their fans produced.  I am tired of building systems that sound like a 747 taking off.  Usually I have to replace the manufactures case fans with quieter fans, such as Noctua.



Pricing / Availability?



Re-read the last paragraph--

"Two things are curiously missing. There are no USB 3.0 ports (though it does include 4 USB 2.0 ports on the front panel), and there's no mention of price."

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