Fractal Design Launches Define R4 PC Case with Sound Absorbing Side Panels



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The caveat of course is that it's still a computer case, as such it can and does have holes...

As such, the ports for fans and the actual PSU are apparently not sound dampened when opened obviously, making the effort somewhat moot...

Also, one must consider the various perforations in the case, for ventilation and the like... If they can let in/out air, they can also let in/out noise directly from within the case rather than through impacting interior surfaces. Hence why it's often preferable to have much of the ventilation out the back and up from the bottom, since obviously those surfaces will face out and away from the user.

Forward, side, and top ventilation isn't bad, I have all three in my current case, but just as easily as it moves air it can even more easily allow noise to move through...

It's akin to building the very best stone fortification there ever was, and then putting in a screen door for easy access...



mmmmm, looks like bird shot which makes me DGAF
but yeah, i went balls out on my last pc, so it was loud and hot as fuck, and im thinking going quiet cool n silent on a sandy bridge e upgrade cycle when they launch


Bean Bandit

Would make for a cool server box but with that front door even though there's side vents there's just so much that's lost in airflow. But I guess it's better then nothing. If you went with all green drives I'm sure the heat wouldn't be so bad.




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