Fractal Design Announces New Six-Channel Fan Controller



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Seriuosly? I guess I don't get it because I am running a 4.5 ghz overclocked system with only 2 case fans (1 front & 1 back), the CPU cooler (Hyper 212 plus) and the video card cooling fan. All of them are controlled automatically and I have no heat issues at all. At maximum load my core CPU temps never exceed 68 C and the GPU temp never goes above 55 C with a 15% overclock. So why would someone need six fans to cool their system? If their overclock is that extreme why would they rely on air cooling? To use one of my wife's favorite phrases this looks "way dumb" to me.




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I used a bunch of 6 channel fan controllers in several builds. The biggest issue I have is the wires getting pulled out of the controller in the case while moving cables around. To put the damn wire back in, I have to unscrew everything and carefully pull the controller out without dislodging even more wires. Now I have to root around and find the loose wire amid all the other wires going to the controller. Plug the wire back in, carefully push the other wires back in, then slide the controller back in and screw it down. Fan does not run. Damn, start all over again.
What is really needed is a fan controller BOX the size of a ROM drive. The back should have six 4 wire female fan ports and a SATA power port. Included cables should be 4 wire male to male cables each 18 inches long with adapters for each one for three wire and two wire fan connections. Anyone seen one like this?



That mirrors my experience exactly, I don't use them any more for that reason. I just got sick and tired of spending more time of the fan controller than whatever component I was ACTUALLY trying to get at!



Not to mention that if you already have a Fractal Design case that it is a perfect match.



I think the time I felt the need for a sixth (or even a fourth) fan would be the time I start looking into water cooling. My gaming PC is loud enough as it is.


Peanut Fox

You'll probably end up with more fans in a custom water cooling setup. On top of the case fans you've now got fans on your newly added radiators.



Me. Using a scythe 4-channel now, but next fall when I upgrade this is going on my short list. Sweet looking controller.

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