Fractal Design Announces Arc Midi R2 Computer Case



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I've found with Fractal cases that the build quality is amazing again and again.



I've had the Fractal Core 3000 case for over a year now and I couldn't be more pleased with the case and the support I got when there were a few things off about the first run of these products. The price point for their products are incredible for the flexibility they offer. Even if you dislike the fans at least the cases come with fans. I happen to think the ones I have worked great at very low noise levels. The removable air filters in a case under $150 are a fantastic bonus.

For my next HTPC build I'm looking into the Fractal Node 605, although there are compromises internally it's sleek looking and fits the bill for what I'd use the unit for (without an optical drive). MPC should review a few more Fractal products.



I really like my R4, though I replaced their fans with Noctua fans. You can't hear it at all



Looks good, with a side window (with no fan mounts yay!) and brushed aluminium, but only 2 5.25 drive bays? I like the removable dust filters (in fact so much, I have on sitting on my table right now, no joke) and mesh front. The aluminium feet give it a more sophisticated look too. This is a cool case.



For the link, you spelled Arc Midi R2 "Arc Mini R2".

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