Fox Turns Off Google TV, Too



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Perhaps if Rush Limbaugh bought stocks in Google then Faux would endorse Google TV rather then condemn it...



We need to get rid of fox and then we will live in a utopia. I can also make comments that doesn't make sense too. 



I pay my cable company money so that they can pay these network hacks money so that I can watch fucking commercials.  I really wish someome with money had some balls to roll a few lawsuits so that we could streamline this whole damned thing.

More seriously, the moment a major cable company completely drops a network, maybe even a couple--then we'll see changes.  Frankly, since networks do not offer me a desirable means of watching their 'mighty 3.5 watt antenna' signals without cable or sattelite, they are going to have to negotiate with third party carriers to do the work for them.  Too bad the carriers would rather raise my rates by $5 so they could pay an extra $2 to the networks.



Yes, Google is too small for Fox.  Google should renegotiate with CBS, NBC and ABC.  Besides, these three crap organizations need every bit of help. 


All three combined do not even come close.  That's because their content has no use in our world.  Yes, OUR world.



It simple why they won't do it. You have all the cable and satellite company pay FOX,CBS, etc a crap load of money to brodcast. Just look at the recent FOX vs Dish headline. Is google going to pay them billions of dollars to be able to brodcast.....NO.
Google always go with the plan it should be "free" and make a crap load of money for themself in the process. It comes down to who benefit from this, but google. They add thier search engine to everything they make. Which has all the nice paid ads and searches included.
Thats why I think you wont see any real player in this, till these type of service are willing to shell out load of cash to the content provider.



TV networks are going the way of the RIAA in terms of failing to give consumers what they want. They all need to start playing ball or they’ll loose market share. Make deals with a singular source of your programs or loose out. Google TV, Hulu, Pandora; make deals with them or suffer the slow death of a fractured market.

I don’t want ESPN2, 3 and non-stop CNN drivel. I want my programs, when I want to watch them, under my terms, without interruption or 7-minute commercial breaks. I’d even pay al-la-carte for a channel or two if the price were right and it didn’t require a physical box at my end of the connection.

It can be argued that these networks offer their own video for some of the programs, but as tech-savvy consumers we can all agree that those fractured services totally suck in comparison to the robust capabilities of Hulu and Netflix. Go digital delivery or go home big networks.

I dropped my cable company down to the most basic cable they could offer me. I don’t even miss the channels I used to get. Try it, if even for a month or two, and let the networks know that you don’t want to deal with the 10% price hikes and the unreliable hardware they force into your home. Use that saved money to build your own DVR with an NTSC tuner and antenna. Free HD for everyone, no up charge, it’s all on the airwaves.



I don't get it. Why do broadcast networks want to limit their content to just over-the-air, cable, and satellite? We still get (targeted) advertisements via internet delivery, so what's the problem? Do the networks want to shake down Google for access?



Why dont they just use a generic browser agent to make the GTV look like a PC runnung IE8 or 9? Wasnt that the whole point of Google TV? Otherwise, it's a useless piece of crap.



I have a feeling that is where this will end up going. All of these devices are going to just start spoofing other browser IDs. GTV will probably just pass itsself off as google chrome and be done with it.

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