Four Things* You Need to Know About Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage DLC



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The no thanks.  I do exactly one (1) game download service.  And that one happens to be steam.  I have no interest in having my games scattered around 15 different services and having 15 different clients running on my box.  When it comes to steam, I might consider it.  Even though it does sound like a travesty.  I agree we should encourage developers to make good DLC for games, but is it wise to encourage them to make shitty ones? 



Well atleast it isn't like northern strike...not even EA or Dice knew how to get it working.


As for the M$ points stuff...why bitch about it now? It's been there forwever. 


But I enjoyed your article regardless, you're right about some DLC, it's nice to see Bethesda break out of it's own mold. 

I'm still waiting for the modding community to put together some really impressive stuff...but alas I haven't been able to find anything with substance...not like Oblivions Kumiko Manor or The Lost Spires...Or Morrowind's  "A Good Place to Stay"...


Am I just looking in the wrong place or what?



This sucks. I was really looking forward to this. Seems like the new content isn't worth buying. Thanks for the heads-up I guess.



Let me get this straight, you buy it using Microsoft Points? So, i'm getting 1600 Points this weekend so I can buy the Fable 2 DLC this weekend, is it the same points or is it different for GFW?



It is indeed the same points. Microsoft points are tied to your Live account so if you use the same account for both XBOX and GFW, you can use the same points.


Even the smallest breeze can cause big things to turn!



So what would be the point of all this crap? I think I have better things to do in my life then to f*ck around with this BS.

Honey? Where did I put the dog's leash?



"But is is worth the money? - Not really. (...) However, I stil think you should buy it..."

So what is it?  Should we buy it or not? We can't read your mind Nathan.



To clarifiy, I meant that, unless you're thankful for this crappy economic climate because you just have too much money, then Operation Anchorage isn't worth your $10. However, using DLC to alter a game's structure and rule set is a pretty cool idea, and if you're not hurting for cash, you might want to think about buying OA in order to encourage developers to be more ambitious with DLC. We already see plenty of overly safe and same-y sequels; maybe some true innovation can bloom in the form of DLC.



i had no problems downloading it, I just opened the gfw marketplace, it logged me in, i found the download and clicked it. ten minutes later i was playing it. not too hard. plus the dlc is worth the money if you want an interesting look at how old style FPS's were made, they didn't have to be perfect in every way, the unrealistic aspects usually add to the fun. the weapons are mainly the point because the pointless ammo you collect for most of the game, is used in the gauss gun, so over 1000 shots of 75 damage is very much a fun gun to have.



Look's like a prime example of gread and bad planing. If you buy DLC at least it should install or load itself.  



It's "GREED."

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