Former SF Network Admin Gets 4-year Sentence



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He had built the fiber network from the ground up and didn't trust his co-workers, stating they were pretty much inept at running the system.

He didn't want to give up control because he was afraid the whole network would crash once they started tinkering with it.  He gave the mayor, I think, the password from his jail cell.

I don't know whether to support him - he built it and was doing what needed to be done to make sure it stayed up, or not support him - he should have known when to walk away and say "I'm no longer responsible for it.  If it crashes, you can hire me as a private contractor to fix it for 3x what you are paying me now."

Of course, they could just as easily have blamed any future failure on him, stating he set some sort of timebomb they didn't know about.

What a mess.  It is even worse because you are being accused by non-tech heads who've no idea what they are accussing you of.  I think in the end, I feel sorry for the guy.  4 years seems kinda harsh considering he didn't damage anything.



Sounds like a classic BOFH story...

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