Former Infinity Ward Employees Hit Activision with $125 Million Lawsuit



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Looks like Activision completely lost my interest in any other COD games to come. I will see what Respawn Entertainment has to offer.


In the hands of a master, any object can become a field improvised, lethal weapon.



I don't side with the employee's on the royalties aspect as Activision owns the right to the Call of Duty franchise. Not the employees, not even the CEO of Activision. As for the bonuses that the employees are claiming, yes they deserve it.


Keith E. Whisman

A bonus and a Royalty payment are two separate and different things entirely. Both are usually a result of a legally binding contract and because of that contract the management can be sued for not keeping it's side of the agreement. This would be like me quiting my lease on an apartment. I'm responsible for the amount of the lease contract so if I pay for 2months in a 12 month lease the leave I'm still responsible for the other 10. Same thing with the royalties and bonuses. Royalties are generally a set amount but bonuses are usually a percentage of something. I side with the employees.

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