Former HTC Employee Encourages Other Staff to "Just Quit" the Company



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If only HTC ran Android and wouldn't have sold out to that evil empire MS, they wouldn't be in the financial mess that they're in and they'd be up there with Samsung. If only HTC ran Android I would buy one. If only...
Oh wait...



If they wanted to be relevant, release a phone with as others stated, removable battery, miscrosd, unlocked bootlader ( which i know you can do at but they should make devices that already are (like the developer edition of the HTC One. Also, some source coding available to the developing community so they can create awesome roms. The more HTC hurts the developers the more people leave their product.

I have had the HTC Inspire and because of the great develop community i have gave my phone new life. It will be 2years in June, and if my volume button didnt stop working I would continue to use it.



Momma always said "don't burn any bridges"
You'd think sage advice like that would be common sense for a high profile corporate exec.



Especially this public. Skype will probably be the last big employer he ever has.



I loved my HTC Nexus One. I moved to Samsung because HTC did away with:
1) Removable battery -
..A) swap in a new one and keep going
..B) pull and and put back in to reset - NO machine is unhangable
..C) replace after a year or so when it only holds 1/2 its original charge
2) Removable storage - I could live without the microSD card if they gave me 128 GB internal memory. I've had PDAs since the Palm Visor Deluxe and the only time I went down in available storage space I was kicking myself. No matter what you have in the cloud, the local requirements only go one way - UP!


The Mac

yeah, my contract is almost up and i really want an htc one but no removable battery, and no microSD slot are deal breakers...

I really wish they'd hurry up and release the Nexus 4 for sprint otherwise ill have to go samsung s4.



I went from the S3 to the One because, well, I liked it. I had it 13 days but decided to go with the S4. BIG mistake. I thought I would love it but I was wrong and here's why:

1. Battery on S4 (with just a smidgen of features enabled) sucks. I know it's swappable but I shouldn't have to.

2. It lags and stutters like a bad bitch. Even with the new update. It's not the phone itself, it's touchwiz.

3. The colors look cartoonish. They pop out at you but look real silly doing it.

4. The features only work half the time. Must reboot to get them to work again...known issue just google it.

With those said, I used another upgrade and got the stealth black one and gave the S4 to my daughter. Here's why:

1. The batt (with nothing turned off) lasts all day and then some. Off charger at 430am and at 630pm I'm at 40%, and that's with pretty much heavy use.

2. It's more professional in every aspect. From software to build quality and everything in between.

3. It's fluid and fast. Opens apps faster than S4. Uses less ram and multitasking is easier.

4. No micoSD is a bummer...but...Android (Google) removed apps to SD in 4.1 so what's the problem? Sure, can store pics/media on SD but the one supports external sources like HDD's and media readers. Also 32GB isn't enough?? If not, learn how to manage resources.

I'm not an HTC fanboy as most of my electronics are Samsung. I have a Samsung chronos series 7 laptop, a UN55ES6500 55" smart tv, and a Samsung dishwasher! I love the ECO system Samsung supplies but the ONE, to me, is a better phone. There are just too many quirks with the S4 that got on my nerves.


The Mac

4. 32 gigs is not enough to hold even a fraction of my music library. if they had a 64gig version, i wouldnt mind so much

1. thats great that it lasts all day, but im a tinkerer, and i like to play with other roms/kernals. No removable battery will be problematic during boot loops which are inevitable with kernal flashing.

Also, when you say you have nothing turned off, do you also use and have enabled: Location Services, GPS, Friendstream, Facebook Push Updates, Exchange Active sync push updates, gmail push updates?



The Nexus 4 is a great phone, but it also lacks a removable battery or microSD slot. If it's a deal breaker on one, why not the other?


The Mac

2 reasons:

1. EMF Charging
2. Consistent updates from gooogle



I was only curious. I have a Nexus 4 and love it, even given the aforementioned caveats. To me, most of the manufacturer overlays are cluttered and bloated. My first experience with stock Android was the Nexus 7 and I loved it. So, I bought the Nexus 4 and am quite glad I did.



I actually agree with your response. I am turned off by the HTC One for those reasons, but I'd like the N4 because of the quick updates, stock android with rapid updates and the number of ROM's available.

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