Forget the iPad, What People Really Want is a Windows Tablet



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Sometimes I sound like I’m arguing, when I’m actually not. I just have a way of putting my posts stronger than intended.It’s easier to keep out of the conversation and not take the chance of being misunderstood.


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Why settle for second-best.  Or third best.

I have both, and frankly Android doesn't really impress me.



I will say right now, even with windows 7's shortomings in the touch interface department, my asus slate is the best pc purchase I have ever made. I can't wait for Windows 8. There is one thing a windows tablet absolutely has to have though, and that is an active digitizer. Without a digitizer I would lost most of the functionality of my slate.

One thing people need to remember when comparing a windows tablet with an ipad is productivity software. A lot of windows tablet sales are going to be for business and students who want portability with a touch interface. I started with an asus transformer android tablet, and although it was nice for what it was, have having office software and note taking ability killed it.

I am sure a lot of people baulk at the thought of a tablet for business or school use, but with an an active digitizer and a bluetooth keyboard it is a fantastic tool. I don't know what I would do without it.



100% Windows 8 for sure.

Will buy at least 10 when they come out. :)



I can tell you why s well. Apps re great, but they are not your windows software suite. There are too many windows specific apps tht people want, just on the go, more flexible.



You can make stats say what you want.


By the time a Win8 tablet goes to market Apple will be at or close to iPad4. So expect market share to be similar to the iPod vs. the Zune.



But .......... most iPod mp3 player owners (60% plus market share) also run a windows desktop PC.

As far as Tablets I have no plans of buying one anytime soon. I don't see Win8 tablets surpassing the iPad for those who chose to buy a tablet. Also considering the late date they will be entering the tablet market.

I'm running the W8 Developers Preview on a desktop PC and believe me as a desktop PC OS it sucks and will be a hugh failure unless there are major changes. Power users will not use Win8. And "Think corporate." LOL! Most are still using XP.



??? ........


XP will be supported till 2014 as of this date.

Thank God!



Everyone will have UltraBooks with Removable screens with Win8 is the future.

No one will buy just a tablet running a crappy phone OS in 2 years.
This is is a fad right now and soon replaced when Win8 comes out.



I am not looking forward to the Windows 8 interface for my high end P C's but on a tablet? Yes I would get some of them. Right now we have no need for tablets but a WIndows one would be something we would try on day one.


Holly Golightly

The OS choice in tablet form factor for me is the Blackberry Playbook. I mean, I love the Windows tablet UI, but I like to run Windows 8 onto my destop. I feel windows is the future for home entertainment no doubt. Thing I do not like about windows is that they require that annoying sticker to be on all devices. Plus, I do not know about the Windows 8 hardware, so I prefer the Playbook which is something I already know.



I still want the Microsoft Courier


Holly Golightly

Man, +1,000 on that! I want my Microsoft Courier too!!!



Out of all the OS options, Windows is the one I am looking forward to the most for a tablet. Google's Android tablets have been lacking, and I'd never go Apple.



I'll admit up front that I don't have a whole lot of interest in getting a tablet, but of the choices, I'd prefer an Android tablet over the others listed.

One I'm kinda keeping my eye on, though, is MeeGo (soon to be Tizen). I'm not going to go as far as saying that I want a MeeGo/Tizen tablet, but if it became available, that would attract my attention. Although MeeGo's predecessor, Maemo, never really took off, it did allow the running of desktop-type applications on a smartphone (I didn't own it, but someone I knew had a Maemo-powered Nokia N900 running, GIMP and other similar-level applciations). As a Linux user, that would entice me more than Windows, Blackberry or even Android.



I would love a great dual Pad with Windows 8 and Android.   Something like the Viewsonic Viewpad 10 but 10 times better.



Wow! Thought I was the only one standing at the tablet edge waiting for one that I can run my favorite programs on. Don't wanna use an i'something. When a win8 tablet comes out - I'm there...



Let me install what I want, run what I want, create what I want and print it when and how I want to... so far no tablet does all that. The old windows tablets back in the day at least covered all of it. IMO current tablets have a slick UI but have largely taken most of that functionality I just listed away... of course the price does not reflect that, which just adds insult to injury.

If windows 8 can pull off all that functionality with a finger UI without breaking the bank then I agree that m$ can overtake the market. (again)

If not, then I still won't be buying a tablet any time soon. My older desktop and newer laptop do everything above minus interface and form-factor... and I'm ok with that.




If Microsoft wanted to really sell some tables. They could start selling tables with win8 a month or 2 before the PC release.

People to come in and pickup a tablet WITH windows 8! With the info gained from the tablet release they can use that to update the PC version. Also all the tablet people will be proficient at using win8 so they could go around basically advertising for Microsoft via word of mouth. The tablet people will have a MOBILE version of win8 to show off to the world.


Would be one of the coolest beta's ever!




As soon as a Windows 8 tablet hits the market, I'm there.



Im perfectly happy with my Android powered tablet. Android was built from the ground up for touch screen interaction. With that said Im excited to see Windows 8 based Tablets. 



I dont have a tablet, but Windows sounds pretty interesting.



I wonder if anyone bothered to mention to those surveyed that most Windows 8 tablets will be ARM and, therefore, will not run any of your existing Windows applications.  See, the wonderful thing about statistics is you can make them say anything you want.



95% of people know that! @big_montana: Where did you hear that? I want to check that feature out. So you're saying that you can run a heavier program on your tablet, and your other computer (laptop or desktop) will take the brunt of the processing power? I just want to make sure I read your comment right.



But what you fail to mention, or just overlook, is that how Windows 8 is designed, you olny need to ahve one copy of any app installed and can share it across all your devices, so it does not matter if the tablet has an ARM proc or not. Need to run Office, CAD, or Photoshop? Install it on your desktop only and still be able to run it from your table, one copy one license, and can run it form your Windows smartphone as well. So, what is the issue again, or do you just not like Windows?



This is what I was thinking.



I'll love to have a Windows Tablet. Not only will it be a refreshing change but I see the possibility of actually doing real work on a Tablet.



Windows tablets have been available for at least 5 years, possibly longer. Doesn't anyone remember the glut of "convertible" laptops folks like HP and Dell came out with, not to mention actual dedicated tablet computers?

They all flopped horribly, because even with Microsoft Touch Pack, Windws 7 is a crappy OS for tablets.

Windows 8, now, that may be different. We'll see when it arrives. But the fact that Microsoft's trying to hammer the same OS into radically different systems doesn't make me optimisitc.



Well put! But with a 'real' Windows environment like Windows 7. None of this apple-wanna-be Windows 8 crap.




Apple-wanna-be? How is Windows 8 trying to copy Apple? The Metro interface looks nothing like anything Apple has ever come out with. Also your comment about "Real Windows environment like Win7" you have obviously never used a Windows XP/Vista/7 based tablet they are awful. The current Windows interface does not work very well at all with touch or stylus input. Another thing to mention is with Windows 8 and the metro interface you will see application built for a touch interface so the people complaining about not being able to use your old x86 applications on your new Arm tablet it’s a good thing because trust me trying to navigate a mouse and keyboard driven application by only touch will only frustrate you and give you a horrible experience. I am personally excited to see Windows 8 tablets and hope to replace my Ipad with one because what I have seen so far is pretty amazing and far beyond what my Ipad can do. 


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