Forget the Crowds, Get Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3 for Half Off Online!



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Peanut Fox

Lots of nVida cards come with Batman free through a Steam code.  Good reason to upgrade if your system is a little wimpy in the graphics department. 



quote / unquote ... I don't see BF3 for 1/2 off in that link yo!  What a rip of a subject title.


Peanut Fox

That's what happens when you show up a day late.




A long time ago I told myself I would not purchase Battlefield 3, but ended up getting it 2 days before release. I just wanted something to take advantage of my i7-2600k and ATI 6950. Turns out I should of listened to my instinct.

Origin did process my order right away and I was able to download Battlefield 3 right away. Here is the problems I ended up with. For starters Origin has to be installed and running when you play the game. The next problem I had with this was the way you launch the game. You do it from the web browser and that I just don’t care for.

Next battlefield 3 doesn’t look all that good to me. Ya its nice but I was expecting more. Maybe its just been over hyped. Doesn’t really matter though since 90% of the online games I tried to join would end up booting me after about 5 minutes of gameplay. I uninstalled punk buster and reinstalled it about 4 times trying to fix my issue but it never worked.

Finally there was a patch that was supposed to fix the crashes people were having and amazingly it did fix my crash after 5 minute problem, BUT then the game crashed after each map rotation! Trying to play one night I closed the game for bed and BAM I was hit in the face with an advertisement for some soccer game!

I looked everywhere in Origin for a way to turn off the ads that pop up to no avail. Yes I know steam has ads but guess what! OMG you can turn Steam ads off! If Steam forced advertisements onto their customers I would boycott them also.

So I used the online support to ask for a way to turn the ads off and the guy had no clue what I was talking about. I think he was using Google translate and that’s no joke. Anyway after spending about 1 hour in chat with this guy I demanded my money back and amazingly he had no problem getting me a refund. I was so very happy.

Guess what though! They never shut off Battlefield 3 so now I have the game for free! I finished up the single player campaign and tried to play online a few more times without any luck and ended up uninstalling both battlefield 3 and Origin. I have not tried Battlefield since the last big update it had and just don’t feel the need to re-download mal-ware (Origin) on my computer again. In fact that is probably why they let me have the game for free, so that I would keep their mal-ware on my computer.




Terrible experience with Origin.  Could'nt pass the 50% off deal so went ahead and purchased BF3.  20 hours have passed and I still have not received the product key even though my credit card has been charged.  If I'm going the way of digital distribution I expect a much faster service, I'm not going to buy a game online and wait 24 hours to clear. I have purchased dozens of games through Steam without a glitch.

A friend is also experiencing the same issue, any one else experience this with Origin?

Shame on you Origin...



Actually tried to buy Batman and Crysis 2 and it failed.  Talked to support and they stated my games would be available in 5 days.  Wow, Steam and Amazon is better.  Sorry Origin but you lost me as a customer.



Yeaaaaahhh, sorry EA, I wouldn't use Origin even if you gave me Arkham City for free. Thanks, but no thanks.


Peanut Fox

One hundred percent agree.  


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

with EA screwign gamers with DRM left and right ive decided to never buy another 1 of there games again EVER!

kinda to bad to cause me3 looks tempting owell.



Batman is so tempting right now...



I would , but Steam got all my money.



Ditto.  Well, I bought BF3 to shut my friends up, but I'll wait until Arkham City is on sale on Steam...



Agreed. I just bought a new game, so while Arkham City is very tempting, I might as well just wait a bit, seeing as I don't want to go through the hassle of installing and registering for Origin.



same here.

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