Forget 22nm Chips, Intel's Already Looking Ahead to 5nm



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Remember, the scale shown by the number IS NOT the size of the transistors. It is the size of the GAP BETWEEN transistors. Smaller gap but not necessarily smaller transistors.



Soon we will have "pm" processors as in picometers! And along with nano-technology we will have pico-technology...just doesn't sound as cool...

deci 0.1
centi 0.01
milli 0.001
micro 0.000001
nano 0.000000001
pico 0.000000000001
femto 0.000000000000001
atto 0.000000000000000001
zepto 0.000000000000000000001
yocto 0.000000000000000000000001



5nm processing is basically quantum computing at that point. Good luck with that lol



I was wondering why my father was travelling again, He told me they were doing some cool things down there. I love having an in at Intel, Got my hands on a P4 3 months before release. Oh god that was cool.

Also got to watch them burn one up. They were OC'ing a P4 against an AMD and just cranked them up until the caught fire, what a show.

BTW the P4 lasted about 30-45 seconds longer than the AMD. ;)



.......and it was still slower.

I had a Prescott P4 that caught fire at 3.8Ghz. I've been with AMD ever since.



Lol you mean you've been on the losing side ever since. Ive had a few AMD's in my time but seriously they hold nothing on Intel...



Lol the "losing" side? Dude, not a single f#&k is given that Intel is "winning" or whatever. I've been happy with every AMD product I've had over the years and I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg for them.

I don't have to spend thousands upgrading something every month(unlike JohnP). I'm on a much much longer upgrade cycle. My desktop(which is hardly tablet is much more convenient) is running a FX-4100, before that I had a Athlon 64 X2. The FX will last me for the next 3 or 4 years.



It's not really Intel's fault that their processors are more expensive. They control 80 percent of the market share. If they priced to compete with AMD, a little piece of legislation called the Sherman Antitrust Act comes to play and sledgehammers Intel into smaller companies. And as for long upgrade cycles, I feel like Intel's not a bad way to go. A mainstream i7 gives good value for the money, and paired with a mid-tier graphics card, it'll last for quite some time, and still have the panache to play games at enjoyable qualities in that time. But as the market is right now, I never hesitate to recommend AMD to first time computer builders on a budget. Give them an FX, a 212+, and a low-mid level gpu, they'll be fragging away on the latest titles with money to spare on the peripherals. I just wish AMD could make a comeback and throw in some real competition. I'd like to see an AMD processor stand up to a Intel i7-E and land meaningful blows.



id love to see this too, i think it will happen at some point. amds talking about changing everything- after excavator amd 'apus' will have a not a gpu and a cpu, but a single processor to do both. it dosnt just hold possabilites for laptops either- a solution where everything is done with a gpcpu could outperfrom anything. if intel holds on to pain cpu cores as its doing, they will be left behind. i know bulldozer sucks, thats for now. its a test. amd is looking to the future, intels holding on to the past.



the license is to have BOTH in the chip (64bit and 32) which was pushed by AMD.

if intel had it's way at the start of the itanium days, there would have been no segway into 64bit. developers would have been forced with 64bit from the start.

If you all think about it... AMD has been competing in intel's ring the entire time...

It would be interesting to see AMD use their talents elsewhere beyond the X86 architecture.



AMD kinda gets the short end of the stick on the processor side because of its licencing it has to buy from intel to make their processors. i agree that amd should keep pushing itself in the mobile device market. i am hoping that it turns out they are just a sleeping giant, and release something that can keep up with intels cpu's. it just feels like AMD is getting farther and farther behind. luckily they have their GPU market which does rather well. best decision that they could have made buying ATI.



AMD doesn't really get the short end of the stick: Intel has to license AMD64 from AMD, making them circularly dependent.



Just noticing a problem at the bottom of this article,

Oregon, Arizona, and Israel for 22nm
Oregon, Arizona, and Ireland plants for 14nm and beyond.

so is Intel in Isreal or Ireland?



Some of Intel's biggest chip advancements came from Israel(Sandy Bridge came from Intel Israel design and part of Ivy Bridge Tech). Intel chose Haifa,Israel as the location for its first design and development center outside the US (1974). Intel’s first facility for the manufacture of microprocessors and memory outside the US was located in Israel (1981). Also, Israel will manufacture most of the Ivy Bridge processors.



Intel has plants in both -- Fab 28 in Israel and Fab 24 in Ireland.



Probably both. Intel is a multinational company, remember? I know that Intel has an Israel CPU design team, and owns Havok (based in Ireland). Doesn't surprise me that they would have chip fabs nearby.



I'm glad Intel isn't wasting away its market share dominance. Continuous improvements in technology is a must, imo. I wish AMD had their kind of R&D and fabrication process. Then we could see some real competition, but alas, that ain't so. I hope AMD continues to push for the budget processor. I doubt Facebook and Netflix need a 5nm chip for the average user.



Meanwhile, at AMD... lead researchers reportedly commited suicide after visiting an Intel slide on XBitLabs.

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