Force Feedback Helmet Delivers 'Blows to the Head'



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the HTX helmet is designed to work in conjunction with its gaming vest
and will deliver "blows to the head when are you are fired upon."

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I bet this makes people get good at video games the same way getting shot in paintball makes you get better at paintball. Noone wants to get knocked around in the head, so I can imagine it'd make for a more intense game curve. I have a feeling it makes people get good at not getting shot pretty quick. 



Hmm 4 hours a gaming X 365 days a year.

1460 hours of having my head pummeled by Dark Helmets spun off helmet.

Boxers do hit with more force, but I can't imagine this is good for your brain.  I use alcohol to kill the week brain cells I don't need a device to go after the slightly less weak cells too!



I already get enough crap from my wife when I play games. If she walked into the room and saw me wearing this I'd never get laid again.


Talcum X

 I get grief over the 3-6 hours a week I play (only on weekends) down from the 20 or so I used to play before the 'fat' ring got put on my finger.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin


Keith E. Whisman

I'd hate to see what forcefeedback devices they have for porn games.

BTW I don't know about you but I'm happy with the whole cam shake deal in the game. I've really never gotten too excited about forcefeedback tech and this is one of the reasons why.

I guess this is cheaper than getting married though.  You have to get a devorce and pray that you get custody of the kids to stop getting hit in the head. With this thing  to stop getting hit in the head all you have to do is take the helmet off.



As long as the pressure could be set lower than the maximum then I dont see the problem... and even if you couldnt... put a shirt or something between the helmet and your head... ether way you could get it to feel more like a tap... (with barely feeling anything if you almost get shot)... and its not like you cant take it off if it hurts or gets anoying...


I Jedi

Yeah, the thought of litterally torturing myself through a video game because I manaed to get shot is just plain out crazy. I'll stick to Emotiv's headset when it comes out. Thanks. 



Just give me $20, I'll come over to your  house and knock you upside the head with a rubber mallet.

 In the words of Rick Moranis: "You went over my HELMET!!??"



I'd be tempted to get a couple of these for my kids along with Band of Brothers...


"Thought's of Dread"

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