Fold/Unfold PC by Asus will Cost Between $1,000 and $1,500, Won't Require Origami Degree



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Pink LEDs?  o.o



i really like that keyboard design I just wish they did something with the touchpad either hide it or my personal choice get rid of it completely.


DMI PC Repair

How many notebooks do we really need on the market?  It's starting to look like a women's shoe closet on the market.

Xcore don't mean X processors dang it!!!



I agree somewhat, however, see it this way. Notebooks are where everything is going, into Virtualization of all data, like what the netbook would be used for in a business setting, (wait till i get to it before firing off some hate response on the business netbook) At my job, I login to my desktop, which syncs my documents and all other folders with a server, i then login to my email, which also syncs with a server, and what would be the extra change if you had a linux distro, from a netbook, loading a window to a remote desktop connection, like windows (i say linux distro since i know they are smaller installs, and lower component usage) I have a laptop, and I feel my laptop (Acer Aspire 6920g, and i don't even like acer) is fantastic for both gaming, work, and browsing alike. I use my latptop for all these things, with my 9500gs, 4 gigs of ram with the Vista SmartBoost or whatever it's called gving me another 2 gigs of ram, and my 2.0 dual centrino, and 320gb hdd, it plays most modern games quite well, as well as store a whole bunch of my work data, with Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator all installed.

Also, note how the Android Phone and iPhone (if you can call that a phone.) does web browsing on a 3g network, well you can buy network cards like that, and my company has one to demo websites where there's no internet. Imagine one of those and a netbook, and then a virtual server login, you could work from Hawaii if absolutely necessary, like login, mail a document someone lost, and then logout, no data stored on your local machine (unless you're retarded and save login details) and then also for additional security, a fingerprint scanner, which I also have on this laptop, and it works marvellously, i can launch programs with my fingers if I wanted to.



I'm all about the notebook influx, given that the bang/buck ratio has increased so dramatically. It's becoming pretty routine to find 17" notebooks in the sub-$1K range, and even gaming notebooks are becoming affordable. I was  a happy camper picking up Gateway's semi-decked out P7811-FX for $1,250 last summer, when traditiionally such a notebook would easily have cost double or more just two short years ago.

Keep saturating the market - I'll probably be looking to upgrade in another year or two.

-Paul Lilly

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