Flexible LED Technology Breakthrough Allows Giant Displays



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you know what maybe I'm confusing LEDs with LCDs.. LCDs require a backlight and thats part of the reason image quality suffers a bit. In terms of image quality, is there even a difference between inorganic and organic LEDs is what I was trying to figure out??



"but just as durable and bright as inorganic LEDs are expected to be" - was that a typo?? I thought OLEDs had a better dynamic range and competed with CRT monitors in terms of professional color management, whereas the inorganic LEDs were subpar. "Just as bright" is no improvement in tech over OLEDs. Who care if it can bend. I want it to show me more colors, glow brighter, and give me deeper blacks. Then.. let me bend it around my wrist like a watch =)

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