Flat Panel TVs with an Internet Connection is the Next Fad



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I have a new 42" LG with NetCast and love the Netflix streaming directly to the tv. It has Vudu streaming and the HD quality is awesome.



I don't mind TV's going internet connected. Netflix streaming direct from the TV would be a nice feature if one implements it (don't some already? im not sure). But, to be perfectly honest, I am perfectly happy with my TV being a "dumb screen". While these are nice features, I will not be upgrading my 42inch 1080p Bravia just to have an ethernet port...



THIS is what i've been waiting for. network my tv with one of the pc's in my house, completely cut my cable bill(except for the internet and phone part of )


this will save alot of money in the long run. monthly netflix with on demand service, i can watch what i want when i want......or $60 a month for 70 channels that I barely watch? that's a no brainer.



"Internet-connected TVs will also open the door for new ways to advertise and cross-market products."

 As if there wasn't enough advertising on TV as it is already.  No thanks.  Nearly all of my entertainment time, which was watching TV, has been replaced by Netflix and on-line gaming where I'm not being screamed at or brainwashed by millions of advertisers hawking their crap products.



i actually find this to be much more practical than 3DTV or that 120hz stuff. cable/broadcast TV is obsolete, so this is a perfect transitional product to introduce entertainment on the internet to the general user.

""Internet-connected TVs will also open the door for new ways to advertise and cross-market products."

this only means there going to be different ways of advertising on TV, doesn't mean there will necessarily be more advertisement. frankly, i rather have advertisement that are somewhat related to my interest(which is what internet TV advertisment can do).



Great idea, now shoot the person who came up with it.  While some ideas are good, doesn't mean that they need to be done.  Now I need to go invent the next Anti-virus application that will work with my 50" TV, thanks a lot.  It is only a matter of time.  Soon we our children will be able to see pron popups in Hi-def, everywhere!



1080 pixel resolution?  Why?


Mighty BOB!




I don't think this is a fad so much as it is a really awesome idea. I could see, some day, interfacing with every computing device in my house through TV-esque terminals. This is a step in the right direction. 3D television is not. That's just dumb.



I wonder if hulu will be supported.

Speaking of hulu, when the ps3 did have linux support, could you watch hulu in firefox on it? I never did install linux because of the ram issue. Was it watchable...Could that have been a supporting factor in killing linux support? 

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