FiveThings You Need to Know About Prince of Persia



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1. This

2. game

3. is

4. freaking

5. terrible



Talk of DRM-free games is great (and I hope it soon becomes the norm), but DRM, or the lack of it, is only half of the issue. Price is just as important, and if games are being released sans-DRM, then the price better reflect the savings in licensing fees.

The game might be great... It might be DRM free, but if I feel like I'm being ripped off, I still won't buy it.

20-dollar games would end piracy, absolutely and forever (just my 2 cents).





i wonder what the excuse for pirating will be this time. although i completely disagree with drm, it is a bit rediculous and only punishes good paying customers. perhaps they should just admit it that they are too cheap to go out and buy the game and just want a free game. pirating will never truely be gone, but i believe it can be kept at a minimum with no drm/cheaper games. with that in place theres no real excuse to pirate. unless your a bum......


 the drm/pirate relationship = kinda like my uncle and memorial day, he doesnt really care about the meaning of it, its an excuse to throw a bar-b-q and get drunk.



I'm sure some people really do/did download games because of DRM, and of course some of those people bought boxed copies anyway.  Others did it to "punish" the developers.

However, I have known (and might still know) people who download games, and are completely honest that they do it because they don't want to pay for the games.  Some of these people would buy the games if the prices were lowered (or buy used copies), but others tell me they wouldn't spend their money when they know they could get it for free.  In almost ALL cases, however, these people wouldn't buy games even if they couldn't pirate them.  Some of them might rent (Gamefly or Blockbuster), but some of them would just quit gaming. These people are not "lost sales", because they were never sales to begin with.

Oh, and did I point out that these people pirate console games?  In fact, I have known at least one person who pirates console games, and doesn't download PC games.  So there goes that theory, publishers.



just a few things I noticed. 

"Prince of Persia may have missed its left turn at Albuquerque en route to the PC, but..."

I just played the entire game on my PC over Steam.

"...Prince of Persia lacks any sort of warp feature." 

In the Pc version (not sure about the console version) you could selecct a destination and teleport there as long as you had healed the Fertile Ground in that area.

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