Five Windows 7 Features that are "Steal-Worthy"



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Seems the fanboys are out comparing a pre release Windows against the current Mac OS. No mention that Mac OS Snow Leopard will be out before Win 7.That's right Steve Jobs, Windows will have caught up and passed where you are now months after you move forward. Let's all cheer for that! Churros all around.

I'm all for a better Windows OS but is Win 7 a step forward or a leap? Where is the revised file system we were promised with Vista? In fact, how much does Win 7 deliver on the promises from Longhorn? Most importantly how does it advance Games for Windows? Don't sprinkle fairy dust in my eyes and blind me to the fact that the emperor has no clothes.



Just remind me, what are your options on Mac OS for TV viewing?

Also the live thumbnails are different, they show more than the Vista and OS X live thumbnails.  I can't wait for more apps to utilize the new features.

I have been using Win 7 for a couple days now, and it is great.  The taskbar features can be enabled in the PDC version, for anyone who is curious.  Everything I have tried, works.  All drivers, NVIDIA beta, x-fi, ati tv tuner, etc...  I get great gaming frame rates, and file copy speeds are the fastest of any OS I have used, including OS X, and this is just Milestone 3.  It seems awesome so far.



Sorry to say, but unless I really misunderstood the features, some of those aren't really new to/necessary on the Mac.

 The live thumbnails? Minimized apps on Mac are shown as live thumbnails in the dock. As well, having expose makes working with multiple windows awesome.

Libraries? There's something called a Smart folder. It's sorta like Smart Playlists on iTunes, but for the whole system. I have one for PDFs. They even allow multiple rules like iTunes does.

Play to and Windows Media Centre? Can someone explain this one to me? I'm going to give it a stab and say the Quick Look function is similar? (Tell me if I'm wrong. I do like to be enlightened.) In finder, when you press space on any supported app: (PDFs, HTML, QuickTime readable media, ASCII and RTF text documents, Apple Keynote, Pages and Numbers, ODF documents, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files (including OOXML), RAW camera images), it'll open right there in Finder. The Quicktime ones play right there (AVI if you installed perian, MP4, MP3).

Personally, I'm sticking with Windows XP right now, due to AoE2 (my friend's comp sucks...) but my next will be Windows 7, not vista.



It's to bad Microsoft doesn't go after Linux users instead of Apple users. I fear a lot of these lame features will turn Windows into a crappy OSX built around having fancy little things that should be add-ons and not the main part of the OS. I would much rather hear about huge performance gains and features that actually help improve work speed or a cheaper OS :D

Some time when I have time, I suppose I'll have to jump on the Linux bandwagon. It's just a shame that no matter what people do they can't convince Adobe to make stuff for Linux. Stupid Adobe. Stupid Microsoft. 



Save yourself before its too late! If you must jump on a bandwagon jump on a real unix operating system like FreeBSD


...As for the topic, I think Windows should stop trying to copy Mac. It will steer people who are not fans of Mac away from Windows...


Lord Omega

I am a Linux user and Windows 7 has little interest. As long as they fix the resource management that vista was notorious for. The conrol panel needs to be fixed. Trying ot set up a shared network can be confusing by how they are configured. Other things like the wireless are just stupid... Why the hell do you need a profile for a wireless network? Personally, I could give a rats ass about MS or Windows right now. I have nothing against the article's author, just Windows and MS.

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