Five Things You Need to Know about Fallout 3: The Pitt



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I have not played this piece of DLC but I already know one thing about it.  It is the perfect thing for people to pirate.  People are going to complain that it was to short and that there wasn't enough content to justify them to spend $10 on it, so they will go the The Pirate Bay and download it.  I'm sure that it was the same for the first piece of DLC too.  People always seem to find a way to justify downloading stuff so that they don't feel like they are stealing it, just getting what they deserved for the price that they feel like paying.



Did you just come here to bitch for no apparent reason or what?  Nothing better to do than sit around speculating publicly about the motives and actions of others?  Buy it if you like.  I won't be buying or downloading any of the DLCs, as I feel the game itself was a pretty big letdown.  So much unrealized potential and so damn repetitive.  I prefer a heavily modded Oblivion to this.



I don't like The Pitt because it forces you to be a bitch. I'm sitting here taking out raider camps by the dozen in my Tesla armor and plasma rifle, and suddenly there's some slaver punks and the stupid game won't let me shoot them, but instead forces me to surrender. THAT'S NOT ROLEPLAY! It was even more intrusive than when I couldn't shoot those little punks in that one city.



That really, really irked me as well. I wanted to include that in the article, actually, but I hit my self-imposed, keep-it-readable word limit before I could. As soon as I met with the foreman, I tried to kill him with my knife, because logic told me, "He's got a gun and I'm about to fight Trogs. Could be useful." But he wouldn't die. Just went unconscious. Totally killed my immersion.

 I find it all really interesting, though, because I've always played the game as a "good" character. Wasteland Jesus emblem in my Pip-Boy and everything. But The Pitt essentially put me in the position of an "evil" character in a "good" town. That is, I was in an area full of people I wanted to kill (my friends who play evil, anyway, tend to kill indiscriminately), because -- from my point of view -- the raiders were my enemies, even if my reticle went green when it passed over them. Because of that, I'm now interested in playing an evil character, if only to see how many "This character is unconscious" limitations Bethesda placed on the world in order to stop evil characters from wrecking quests and plot lines.  

 --Nathan Grayson



its true bethesda went out of their way to make a game more fps oriented, but it did not fail in any way. the point of operation anchorage is to give some background to the game, the newspaper clippings on the ground, or the memorials, it fleshes it out in a way that any other game would just stuff it into a stupid book that takes twenty minutes to read which RE5 did. I'm getting tired of defending this DLC, because its a great game, just people dont like a change when playing a genre like an rpg. I commend Bethesda for taking this sort of risk, because other companies would just ignore their main IP and go onto the next thing after its milked dry.

this is just my thoughts, not hate towards the article above.



What company ignores its main IP?  If anything they're guilty of attempting to continue milking it long after it's dry.  Fallout was long overdue for a revisit.  I just wish they'd done a better job of it.  I was bored with it and went back to Oblivion for my RPG needs.  I can only hope that Dragon Age doesn't suck and I'll have something new to play soon.

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