Five Things You Need to Know about Fallout 3: Broken Steel



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YOu left out the new enemies that are really tough.  I was not prepared for the first Super Mutant Overlord, and I had to consume about 20-25 Stimpacks to stay alive because those damn Tri-Beam Laser Rifles are ridiculously powerful, even against the various types of power armor.  You're actually better off shooting their gun away because it's way too damaging.  Even a sneak attack swipe from a Deathclaw guantlet won't really do much to their health, maybe taking off an eigth from their bar.  The Feral Ghoul Reaver and Albino Radscorpion are also really tough but at least Vengance will take them down fairly quickly.


The new perks are fairly lame, as the only interesting ones are Puppies!, Quantum Chemist, and Nuclear Anomaly.



fallout 3 always crashes on my pc. its a ok game,f'n annoyin so im not buying that crap



Pity this still didn't address the piss poor UI that Bethesda threw at PC users.

Just because console players like having a scrolling list of a million things in massive type doesn't mean that PC users do.  It was the same with Oblivion. Another game UI that mod-makers had to fix because Bethesda cannot be bothered to play on anything without a game pad.



There were plenty of big guns in the original release, missle launcher, flamethrower, gatling gun, gatling laser, nuke launcher, and the ridiculous MIRV which fires eight nukes at once.  Broken Steel adds ONE new flamethrower, singular, not plural, and no the uniques don't really count.  The Tesla Cannon is actually not that great, you can't even one-shot muties with that shit.  The new enemies are definitely tough, they can survive a mini nuke on hard mode, I just started very hard mode, I can't wait to see how tough they are now.  And a word to whoever said he didn't like Fallout 3 before, you won't like it any better now.



I was sorely disappointed by Fallout 3, but from the sounds of it, Broken Steel might be to Fallout 3 what Windows 7 is to Vista.  I might just try it out.



 I already look like the Heay Weapons Guy in Fallout 3!




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