First Real Pics of Nvidia's Upcoming GeForce GTX 480 (Fermi)?



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I've got to agree with the sentiments of so many others that it's looking to be a great card, but there are going to be a few problems I can forsee...


One, that's an ENORMOUS chip, and depending upon what it's upper limitations are, it may have a handicapped future before it's even seen the light of day. One need only look to the old Geforce 5800 series for another example of a technology that sounds great but can't develiver "long term" and is already at the upper limits of what it can do so it can't be used for a generation 1.5 later down the road. In otherwords, it isn't a next generation all unto itself, it's a pitstop on the way to that truly next generation archetecture they intend to bring about a year or more down the road.


Two, price point is the saving grace or the death knell for this card. If it's asininely priced it will neither be a viable contender for market domination even if it is a world apart from anything else out there. Short of being easily more powerful than at least 2 of any other card combination currently possible, it's simply not worth the almost certain obscenely high price point so many are expecting for it. On the other hand, if it's priced low enough to either be in the same range as AMD/ATi's flagship card(s), and it is still vastly superior in every conceivable way (that's a major criteria by itself), then it can proceed to rock AMD/ATi on their heels and give Nvidia some more breathing room while they work on a further generation of chip on smaller a smaller nm size. That would directly lead to not only tremendous heat savings and thus a smaller heatsink needed, but it would also allow more chips from one wafer to be yielded, and thus more profitability from the same amount of material, thus compounding the potential profitiablity.


Nvidia took a large gamble with such an enormous GPU, and I fear it may well bite them.



 The word on the street is that the Fermi will only be 20% faster than a stock Radeon 5870. No way will it be a game changer.

  This is not the release that NVidia wanted. Like AMD with the Intel i7 series, NVidia got behind the curve when ATI bomb-shelled them with the 5800 series. What these guys need is a good industrial spy on the other side! Hire the Chinese, they are good at that...

 As for next generation, what next generation? I am getting extremely high frame rates on my 1920 by 1200 screen with the 5870. Even the 5970 would be overkill. Unless there is a new technology or a humongous monitor in my future, no need for a new graphics card, ever.  



 I did something clever. I used the jpeg viewer to blow the card up so that the SLI on top was the exact same size as my GTX 280 that I was holding in my hand. Putting the card next to the picture gave me an almost exact same footprint for the Fermi card and the GTX 280, including the power sockets.

So 10 1/2 inch long card, double slot. (the length does NOT include the metal slot locking tab in the front. (or whatever its called!) 

PS Using Chrome pretty much all the time now. The original site for these photo(s) was Dutch. Google asked to translate and POOF! it worked very well. Was I surprised!



1.5GB sounds pretty good for a single GPU card.

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