First Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Card Spotted in the Wild



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I see the comparisons are using a 6670 with GDDR3 RAM. The 6670 with GDDR5 RAM is a little faster, so it will be interesting to see how the two with similar RAM will compare. Still, those scores are much better than the differences of GDDR3 and GDDR5 6670s.
My 6670 has GDDR5 RAM and does okay with most games. I plan to get a faster card down the road, but for now, it handles everything I throw at it. Only gamers would need more than the 6670 or new 7730, but it's nice to see that even the entry level cards can play most games today.



How does this compare against the 6770?



So, this will be marginally slower than an HD 7750 which costs $80. How low are they going to price it? The 7750 doesn't require any external power(besides the PCIe power), comes in single slot form and if you want to go cheaper, the 7750 gddr3 version makes sense. Not sure where the 7730 will fit in.



I'm seeing $89.99 as the cheapest 7750 from newegg (but this has "1600MHz" memory so I guess they don't carry your gddr3 models). Maybe they are trying to finally shove all the 3d-free graphics cards off the market (leaving the world safe for gaming, except for built-in Intel users). I'm guessing you can still find cards for less than $50, but they tend to be the things that they couldn't sell for years during closeout and just missed the PCI-PCIe changeover.



There are some cheaper ones with MIR offers. The Gddr3 gpus have been lessening and really aren't that much cheaper.

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