First LTE 4G Network in the US Launched by... MetroPCS?



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You don't like the article topic, skip it and move on. I can't stand when people take their time to bash an article that they have no supposed interest in. Why waste so much finger energy that comes with being a hata'.



Clearly you have never used a TI89. Damn, does that thing get me hot and bothered.



Cell phones are computers along with calculators and pretty much anything that can add numbers or process data.  It doesn't matter anyways as the magazine's title is Maximum PC not Maximum Computer and it really is up to debate what exactly constitutes a personal computer. Cell phones are certainly both personal and computers, but so are Macs and for some reason people don't consider those PCs when they really are.

Don't get on MaxPC for keeping up to date, most market activity is in portable devices nowadays anyways and I'm sure they attract more readers with variety then they lose by offending the few "The Only Real PCs are Desktops" folks

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