First Look: 6Gb/s SATA Western Digital Velociraptor 600GB Benchmarked!



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do these have 4k sectors? if not, they are a waste of $$




from an upgrade view; if you need a new drive then sure.  I have this board sitting next to me for a new build...beautiful board.

 Point is there are zero HDD's that even push SATA 3 Gb/s, heck the most expens$ve uber SSD's are JUST pushing the SATA 3 Gb's ceiling.  I am going to stick with my current 140 GB Velociraptor maybe even pick up another for RAID as the prices are now surely to drop a little.




So how fast in MB/s is it to transfer ISO's from one of these 600GB drives (6GB/s SATA) to a USB 3.0 external drive using USB 3.0? :D I might just upgrade if its more than double 90 MB/s, because thats what Im getting currently.



 "if you just want one drive for your OS and all your games and apps that
has nearly the speed of an SSD, the 600GB Velociraptor is just the

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Good eye. The embargo lifted at 5am so I was a little sleepy when editing the post.



The prices are correct:



Is that a misprint?  Only $30 difference between 450GB and 600GB versions?

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two of these in raid zero and the largest and fastest SLC NAND based SSD I can find perhaps even get two of these SSD's and raid them up as well. Throw in a cheap 1.5 or 2TB HDD for backup purposes and your set.



For a post-production setup doing compositing, do you need the render-server to be as fast as the workstation if the workstation is running with dual 150k raptors? Noway I would stripe the OS of the server, but I would love to.

We need to transfer 10-20MB frames as fast as possible and the old server doesnt respond. Working with large comp is ok once the frame is loaded, but scrubbing thru timeframes is dead slow, breaking the rhythm, necessitating to render.

So we work locally for now, until we buy the new server.

I would order a server with SSD for OS and install 10K 600GB sata3s for the rest of the raid.
The goal is to be fast as possible to balance with the raid 5 setup slowing down everything.

I'm lost in all that bandwidth-read/write-story.
I see the chart as a bowl of spaghetti..
I dont know how to link those numbers to my needs.

At 600GB, Raptors are now interesting for NAS and small servers. But does it worth the investments? - for a server?



I have the same idea when it comes to a setup, 2 drives in raid for the OS, preferably SSD, 2 drives in raid for gaming, preferably Velociraptors, and one big ass drive for random stuff, virtual machines, ISO's and in my case, customer backups.  Then of course the NAS for an actual backup of everything.  You are a smart man.



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