First Glimpse at the Insanely Thin Dell Adamo XPS



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I wouldn't consider laptops to be Dell's area of expertise >.>

 But, it's still kind of cool.



Meh, the problem is, these laptops will never strive... I mean at 1400$ for a decent build... they break, they heat up, they are degraded - come on people open your eyes!

 PS: HP is building a laptop thinner than that or perhaps as thin - and it's probably better, Dell kinda sucks. MPC prolly made an article about it, in fact Im sure they did, I think I read it.



Didn't the Macbook AIR heat up like the sun because of it's ability to disperse heat? If this says anything about the Adamo, then it won't be terribly different from the AIR unless it's running on super gimped hardware, methinks.



If this thing can run open office, firefox, Plants vs. Zombies, peggle, come with at least 32GB of HDD (I am going to assume this thing is solid state) and be less than $500 I want one. I think my $500 budget will prevent me from getting one though. I have a feeling this will be just like the macbook air. Really really cool and tiny, but probably less powerful than a netbook and more expensive. But my hopes are still up.



OO, Firefox, PvZ, Peggle: Maybe, Yes, Maybe, Maybe (performance wise)

32GB: The current Adamo already has a 128 GB SSD, so maybe

$500: LOLWUT (The current Adamo starts from $1200 US, Mac Book Air even more so)




If the chaise is make of a strong and rigid aluminum alloy I can see why not.

 Ha I just found this link and I learned a lot. This link to LCD optics, is outstanding totaral, and not for the faint at heart but Max PC folk likle me eat this stuff right up.

 LCD 101


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