First Glimpse of Alienware's 6-core Area-51 Gaming PC



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alienware has style, not just a sum of hi-end parts..



 If you could actually afford this pos, is it necessary to own 6 cores for any good reason?And I agree can it play crises?I am looking foward to seeing the bench tests.Also I think alienware has lost alot of flavor!!!Dell=gag reflex!!!Proprietary systems are for the week.Long live the geeks!



"is it necessary to own 6 cores for any good reason"

Cinema 4D. It scales about linearly in it's performance with the addition of more cores.   



The only people who could afford this are the rich snobs that can throw around $10K as "chump change" or the people who make the damn thing. The "Average Joe" wouldn't need four, let alone six cores for anything. Seriously, how the fuck are we supposed to keep up with this? By the time you get the damn thing it's obsolete.



Well this certainly caught me by surprise.  Just another reason for me to care less about an overpriced POS.  I don't know what's bigger, the Radeon 5970's in Crossfire or the ego of some douche who buys this and says it's the best thing in the world?  If they wanted to make any money off this machine, they'd opted for putting 2 Nvidias in SLI.

And since Dell owns Alienware, I think they could "donate" a set of Alienware machines to schools across the globe.



Only 3 RAM slots.  Does that mean safely getting up to 12GB (3x4) of system memory or would having 6 RAM slots = headache plus lack of stability??  Interesting as well because the lowly Gateway recently tested has 16GB of RAM. 



Go to the Hot Hardware site to see the hot swap hard drive panel. Now that is sweet...



This looks like every other heap of @#$%^ that dell produces.  The only difference is the CPU.  In which case you can't varify because they all look like the Area 51-ALX.  Besides my ASUS laptop (G72) smokes most alienware desktops for a 1/3 of the price.  And another thing Origin PC claims a optional 1 ghz additional overclock on this CPU that I'm sure is easy but how can they when they don't even have the CPU yet.  This chip was RTM'd to SELECT manufactures.  I doubt a small company like Origin would have there hands on it yet.  Furthermore Dell uses sub par parts for their Alienware machines.  Look at the CPU cooler.  Doesn't it look like a Corsair H50?  Nothing original about this build at all.  Shame on you Alienware @$$holes.  You don't deserve to be in the same relm as some of use that busted our @$$e$ building the best we can.


PS I'm sure it can play Crysis.



Not to mention it's fugly. The fins on top are kind of cool but overall it's tacky. Give me a nice plain brushed aluminum case without bulging shapes and LEDs any day.


Righteous Fury

My thoughts, exaclty.



Anyone buying any boutique PC instead of DIY is the automatically lacking in geek cred.


Keith E. Whisman

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday 2090 for this thing today.

And how about it will it play Crysis? 



run Crysis?

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