First Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details: Revamped Combat, No Class Selection, and Dragons – Oh My



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Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.

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Sometimes I sound like I’m arguing, when I’m actually not. I just have a way of putting my posts stronger than intended.It’s easier to keep out of the conversation and not take the chance of being misunderstood.

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Pfth. Skyrim will suck. They've already confirmed that they are dumbing down the game. Classes are gone, skills are missing and statistics are missing. The combat will be just as bad as previous TES games. Why would I want this **** when I can get Dark Souls (a hardcore RPG) later this year and Dragon's Dogma (a BIGGER open world game than Skyrim could ever hope to be) next year?





"See, we're not in Tamriel anymore, Toto"


Yes, we are.  Skyrim is part of Tamriel, just like Cyrodiil and Morrowind.  Tamriel is the continent they're located on.  Learn your Elder Scrolls geography.



I think it would be neat if the game generated a class title for you depending on your skill focus and use. Kinda like in Titan Quest, I suppose.



Sounds to me like this removal of classes makes the game more open. No longer will you be confined to the skills in the class you chose. Going from 27 skills in Morrowind to 21 in Oblivion made the game more flexible as to what you wanted to play as. 3 less skills will make it moreso that way.

So yea that's why I never liked the class system. But I used it to my advantage anyway (I know one other guy that did this as well): You pick a class that you know has skills you won't use as much, and pick a race that has a boost to skills you don't use. That way instead of picking say, an Imperial and the Warrior class and having some of your skills start at 50, you can be a high elf and pick the thief class and have your major skills start at 25-30 which allows for more levels to be gained :D

As for the revamped combat system: I cannot wait for that! Oblivion combat was a huge improvement, but after having mods like Deadly Reflex show up where you can parry, do advanced combat ducks/rolls, chop off peoples body parts, bash people with your shield and kick them, the vanilla combat system seemed to lack. Hopefully the new system will be amazing like the mod was.

And yay, dragons! :D



Well lets hope that they're wrong and they put the class choices in. That is one of the best parts of the Elder Scrolls series.



it will be interesting to see how the lack of classing plays out though. I could see them integrating mysticism in with illusion hence the removal of it altogether but not being able to choose warrior, battlemage, spellsword, wizard, etc. this is what made elder scrolls so awesome and now they are removing it.

Perhaps a class will be chosen as you level certain skills? Either way im sure it will be worth playing.



i hope the gameplay is amazing, i will start saving to buy this game :)



Bah! This will just be Fallout with swords!

Just kidding! I am definately looking forward to this, hopefully the characters will look better this time around.

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