First Deus Ex 3 Details Tantalizing, Warren Spector-Approved



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They want to make Deus Ex 3 a huge success?  Don't try too hard to be extra clever.  Just take the first game and do more of that.  Without even thinking, Deus Ex was the finest FPS experience I have ever had.  It may even be the best game I have ever played.  If I were doing it, I would just pretend that Deus Ex 2* didn't exist and make a real sequel.  But, a prequel could be ok.  Lets hope they get it right.

 * I did not hate DX2.  It just wasn't DX2.  It was some other game with the same name.  Stand alone, it was a decent and fun game.  It just had the unfortunate circumstance of being associated by name with the greatness that was Deus Ex.



"...and uses the plan to guard a fortress kill people"  ??




 Guess I need to start upping my caffeine dosage :P

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