On The First Day of Christmas, My Dear Steam Gave to Me: One Incredible Holiday Sale



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For the price that these games are selling on Steam, you don't even have to like them to buy them. Too good of a deal. Purchased Mirror Edge and another game (mind went totally blank just now) for the price of a McDonald's Value Meal. Literally.



 thre is also some sales not mentioned that are discounted from previous sales mentioned on these blogs.


Torchlight is still on sale


Final Fantasy ix complete colection, discounted to 11.99 that every frigging expansion for the mmo + a free month for less then 1 months subscription

Coming soon to Lulu.com --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Is it possible there are people out there who still don't like Steam?!? I just bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Far Cry 2 for $11.98! Can't wait to see what they have for tomorrow. I know what I'm doing all weekend!



I find steam to be very buggy. And if you ever have to reinstall it you need to back up all of your saved files for any games you have installed. If not you will lose them when you uninstall steam. It will not give you any warning about saved games either, it just automatically gets rid of them. I'm still hesitant to put the future of my game purchases in steams hands. I've already had times when I wanted to play a game but could not because the steam service was down.



 I couldn't resist to buy  all of them.



Wow, just wow. Valve, will you have my babies? Is that possible? All I really ever learned in health was not to tell my parents anything that went on during the class. Maybe I should tell someone... Hmmm.....whatever. I just nabbed so many games, assasins creed $10, audiosurf $2.50, Stalker: Shadows of cherynobyl $2.00.



 Heh, I'm pissed because I bought GTAIV for 30 bucks last night to find it at 7.49 today. :(


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Don't buy anything from Steam in December unless it's the famous holiday sale.



The usefulness of your advice is unfortunately trumped by it's tardiness.

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