First Apps Now Available for Zune HD



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Microsoft Zune HD: Can it defeat Apple IPod touch ?? Which one do you want to choose?



The Zune HD is currently exclusive only to the US.

Visiting the zune site from the Rest of the World gives

Access Denied

Zune Store is currently unavailable from your
location. If you are using software that masks your IP address, you may
need to deactivate it temporarily to access the site. Please visit for the latest news and information.

 Seriously, I can't even look at Zune Originals? Canada's site will only show the software,

what is MS smoking? 



Not sure why I should upgrade from my old Zune, since they STILL don't have the Zune Marketplace in Canada, one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place. I have to say though it does look pretty sweet, I guess that is what I get for not living in the States. LOL!!!!



Here's my review for the Zune HD. Now I am a zune diehard, but you should find that I am quite fair in observations. 


Tl;dr: The Zune HD Is a really sexy, quick and delightful device with an excellent screen. The new Zune Software also got a number of major tweaks and is even sleeker than it was before but some things kind of could use a bit of time to beef up. Namely; more movies from more studios and more Apps. But what is great about the Zune is that it is never finished after launch. MS amazingly has stuck with their products to bring in new firmware updates and the Zune HD will learn quite a lot of new tricks as it matures. 



I'm not sure if the term is open source or whatever, but I really hope Microsoft does like the Apple did with the iTouch, allowing people to add to the app store. If they do that's I'm bagging one of these next paycheck. I think they did well with the last gen zunes as well though. I love my 120.



A my Frys Electronics part-time job I got to demo one to some people so I got to play with it a bit, it's DEFFINITELY better than the iTouch. I can tell you, microsoft is genius with this piece of hardware.



I think they need a major marketing campaign with the HD. There are a lot of people out there who have never heard of Zune in general even though they've been around for a few years now.



 They need to push past the fact that most people walk in to best buy and say "I want an ipod" thinking it is synonomus with MP3 player, so they get shown all the ipods.  Microsoft didn't do any advertising for the zune, they just kind of tossed it out there.  I love my Zune 80, I think it is a lot better than an Ipod, it can do a lot more.  Hopefully MS will put some weight behind it.  


Not an MS fanboy nor an Apple hater, I just like to see the best piece of hardware win, not just the best marketing


~~The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes~~



ordered mine from amazon, and from all the reviews i've read it looks like a solid device.  as a former zune 120 owner im very excited :P.



Anybody buy one yet? I have to wait for Christmas. :(

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