Firewire to Get Speed Boost to Overtake USB in Serial Bus Battle



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...........have they fixed the firewire hack yet? Isn't this the more important issue? Well most people don't know so it is ok?



Video and audio pros use Firewire - it works better than USB for these types of devices.

Too bad Microsoft crippled FW800 with  XP SP2 (it runs at 100 speed). When they didn't "support" FW800 it was fine. Here's a link with info on how to fix FW800 in SP2/SP3:


Talcum X

You dont see 1 thing out there (that I can recal at this very moment) that is 1394 only.  Everything we read is USB this and USB that.  Sure, most of every MOBO and external interface for you Audigy/X-Fi and the like has a plug for it, but I havnt found a use for it yet.  Sure, options are good, but if aint gunna use it, its just a "meh" moment.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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