Firefox Market Share Breaks 20%



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So, any guesses as to the threshold for when the malware creators start specifically targetting Firefox vulnerabilities?  IE's been the main target due to marketshare (well, as well as the easy security holes).  Now that Firefox is coming up in the world, that's more bang for the buck for the malware creators...



ITT: Absolute stupidity



I wish I used Firefox, but I'm using Flock, a alternative Firefox that has a way better RSS reader that no extension can match.



and I didn't like it at all. I am a skilled computer user, write code( bug free ), setup computer hardware, networks, all that jazz. I didn't like it because  I had to go get a plug-in for everything I wanted to view when using IE I can just view a page and not have to mess with it. Just fire up the web-browser and off I go. Does firefox do this? Not that I've seen. Great job Firefux. I don't like to have to mess with getting my home system to work with a browser. I spend all day at work fixing peoples' computer issues. I don't want to do this at home.



 "I am a skilled computer user, write code( bug free )"

No one writes bug free code.  Well, unless you sit around all day writing "Hello World" apps.  Or you write it so meticulously and slowly that your productivity approaches zero.  

Anyway, the rest of your post is a bunch of nonsense as well.  A plain jane installation with only a few minimal extensions, like Flash, can browse the vast majority of sites with no issues.  Most of the compatibility issues I run into are sites that either check for IE for no good reason, or use an ActiveX control.  I have about 30 or so extensions loaded in Firefox on every machine I have, but they are all "frills".  

Final note, I hate all this talk about "marketshare". IE only has such a large install base because Microsoft bundled it.  If we were talking about the percentages of people who actively chose to install Firefox, my money is on it having the largest install base by far.  It is a superior browser in every single way it can be superior.  In my "oh so humble" opinion. 




"write code( bug free )" .. Oh god, the hours we spent HACKING our CSS or JavaScript JUST so stpid IE can view the code correctly !

I'm a web developer and thank god I do not have to deal with the front end of sites (css) that much, I moslty do PHP and mySQL, but it is my poor friends that have to deal with it.


Plug-ins, oh man, the webdeveloper toolbar is a god sent ! I couldn't find anything similar to it on IE. and there are tons and tons of useful plug-ins for mighty FireFox.



" I had to go get a plug-in for everything I wanted to view..."

Huh? Examples, please.




i think he means how u have to install flashplayer, and some other videoplayer stuff like that again to use it on firefox.  theres only about 3 or so apps u really need to install.

but then theres all those extra apps from the mozilla site, being able to rip youtube videos with 1 click of a button is awesome, as is blocking annoying flash adds, and having an integrated irc browser is awesome.

and as far as i know they pretty much invented the browser tab system. once u go firefox u never go back.

although i havent updated to firefox 3 yet.  still on 2 cuz i wasnt sure if it would bring over all the stuff i installed or not.  probably will but i dont see any major reason to switch atm.

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