Firefox Increases Stability with Multiprocessor Browsing



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It's funny, we all used to flock to browsers like firefox for being innovative and setting standards. Now here we are, still using firefox (me included) and they don't even have a 64 bit browsers half way through 2009. And they are just now seriously concidering multiproccessing? 5 years ago to have microsoft beat us to the punch on something like 64 bit would be astonishing. Now we just make excuses about plugins this and compatibility that. Hog wash! After mozillas last glitchy point release, and lethargic acceptance of technology I'm starting to look towards chrome, or even possibly back at IE. I'm all about supporting the little guy, but he needs to pull his own weight.



one of the main reasons firefox isn't 64 bit is because important plugins like flash and java aren't 64 bit (or unstable like the flash 64bit plugin).  if you REALLY want 64 bit firefox, run linux.  Lots of 64 bit enthusiasts have it running fine in linux.  And yeah...multiprocessing...I agree, it's REALLY sad that it's taken firefox this long. Probably half the reason is because they are still using geko redering engine i'm guessing, which is just an evolved version of netscape's renderer.

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What I don't understand is why this didn't gain much traction until after IE8 and Chrome did this? What exactly was the reason given for not pursuing such a great idea?



So the next release could potentially be both a 64 bit environment and support multi- processor?  ABOUT TIME!!  w00t!!



I'm crossing my fingers.

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Hell yea.  I have 4 cores in this bitch, make use of them!

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