Firefox to Get GPU Acceleration Too



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I would think the bottle neck would be your connection dial up/DSL/Satellite/Cable 56kbps~20Mbs What ever. If a Quad core 3 gig CPU can't handle it  give it up. I think this is all just hype.



There is a bit of confusion.  There are some tasks that CPUs excell, but some they really suck at.  Rendering images is one they kind of suck at.  That's why we have graphics cards to play video games and to do complex rendering.  I guess you could think of the CPU as a mathematician, and the GPU as an artist.



Firefox is that much of a resource hog that it needs gpu acceleration.



The latest version of IE8 which ships with Windows7 is faster than Firefox's latest release as of today. I benched both browsers and I thought firefox was going to be faster, but that is not the case.

Benched page loading times, refresh times, and scrolling from top to bottom on a lengthy graphics intensive web pages, and IE8 clearly has the upper hand.




Ok, I'm a bit confused. Does a Core i7 920 have trouble rendering web pages quickly enough? What kind of state is the web when browsers now have to be GPU accelerated?

The part that gets me is that the machines that really need the acceleration (older/slower machines, laptops, netbooks, etc.) most like won't be able to take advantage of GPU acceleration because the graphics hardware won't support it.

Maybe I'm just missing the point here.

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