Firefox Enters Crash Protection Club with Version 3.6.4



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Very glad to see this feature implemented in Firefox. I haven't had crashing problems with Flash or any other things since I started using firefox, however. 


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



a VERY welcome update.  I can now play flash games with confidence.  Thanks Mozilla.



I'm still waiting for it to stop leaking memory (which then again, could be a result of one of my undo-close tab plugins) and have per-process tabs (or instances or something)

Here's hoping for version 4.



Now lets see if it crashes. 


Electronically charged



Updated to FF3.6.4 the other night & BINGO! it crashed out of the gate. Now, I'm not a FF basher by any stretch of the imagination. I've been using Mozilla products pretty much exclusively almost since their inception years ago & occassionally have been a beta tester. But for Mozilla to claim no more crashes, well, reality trumps PR.

It took several reconfigurations & disablings to get it close to the way they advertise. Unfortunately, most Mozilla products have become bloatware. I'd prefer they went back to their lean & mean days & made all these "features" extensions for those that want them.

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